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SWEET DREAMS AromaBox - a gift of sleep

SWEET DREAMS AromaBox - a gift of sleep

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Are you longing for a peaceful night’s sleep or know someone who needs one?  Sweet Dreams Aroma Box has been created to help just that, creating a feeling of tranquillity and calm for snooze-time.  Light the lavender candle towards the end of the evening as you start to relax and drink a cup of Lavender Dream Tea to help you find restful sleep.  Run a bath and soak in the lavender infused epsom salts and use the chamomile soap in your bathroom routine, spraying the AromaMist around your sleeping area and lightly above the pillow.


30ml Sweet Dreams AromaMist - Relaxing Pillow Mist and Sleep Spray.  Created with sweet smelling Lavender and Chamomile, this restful blend can be used to bring tranquility and calm at the end of a busy day, preparing your mind and body for a restful night’s sleep.

Lavender votive candle - in recyclable glass, made of organic plant wax and naturally scented with lavender essential oil, perfect for a moment of calm.  The burn time is approximately 14-16hrs. Please note: candles should ideally be burnt until the top layer of wax has melted evenly - if it's blown out too early, it may not burn properly next time as the wick gets too short.

Chamomile SoapUse the chamomile soap in your bathroom routine for relieving anxiety and tension easing before bedtime - it is mild enough to use safely with children too. 

Lavender Epsom Salts - the combination of epsom salts and lavender essential oil makes for the perfect home-therapy remedy, to soothe tired and sore muscles and help you relax and unwind. 

Lavender Dreams Loose leaf tea  - helps to calm a busy mind, reduce stress & promotes restfulness before bed.  This is a gorgeous blend of English herbs, with lavender and lemon balm to bring restfulness, ease anxiety and help to promote sleep, whilst the rosemary calms a busy mind and helps you to ‘switch off’. A really beneficial blend for those who have trouble nodding off! Made by the Wild Women Tea Club